Hands-On Class : Pickling 101

Learn the Steps of Making Homemade, Shelf-Stable Pickled Vegetables

pickling vegetables classClass Level: Beginner
Age Requirements: 14 and older
Average Class Size: 12-20
Food Included: Jars of pickles to take home

What You’ll Learn

In this class you’ll learn the simple steps of homemade, shelf-stable pickles, from sourcing veggies to jarring, sealing and processing. We’ll also cover the tools and tricks of preservation, such as safety and shelf-life, as well as various pickling methods and canning history. Finally, we’ll sample the delicious fruits of our labor, and you’ll get recipes, tips and a jar to take home.

Truth: Learning to preserve fresh fruits and veggies is the most liberating (and fruitful) skill I’ve mastered. I’m still amazed at how fun and easy urban canning can be; and I look forward to sharing my passion.

Skill Level: Beginner; but those with canning skills are welcome to join and learn some new tricks.

You Will Walk Away with the Ability to:

  • Source and select ingredients
  • Cook and preserve pickled vegetables, while maximizing flavor
  • Fill and process jars for shelf-stable pickled vegetables
  • Share your homemade jar of pickled vegetables with friends

Refund & Cancellation Policy

We require a one week cancelation notice for all classes. If you cancel within that one week period, you will be charged for the full amount of the class. If you cannot attend…feel free to send someone in your place. We often have a wait list for classes; if we can fill your spot with someone from the wait list we will refund your money.