Hands-On Cooking Classes in Aspen, CO

Prepare, Cook, and Present Recipes of the Day

Hands-On Cooking Classes Aspen ColoradoCasual and informal, our Hands-On Cooking Classes start with an introduction to the focus of the day, and several demonstrations from the culinary team. Then groups divide up in to stations where they work as teams to prepare, cook and present recipes of the day. The Chef will always be near by to help in the process. Many of these classes end by sitting down and feasting on the day’s bounty, of course with a tasting of paired wines selected by our sommelier.

So grab an apron and cook Side-by-Side with one of our guest chefs experience an unforgettable food as you learn to cook like the Masters.

Sample Hands-On Cooking Classes Include

  • Making Handmade Pasta
  • Pickling 101
  • Knife Skills
  • Creative Salads
  • Pies for the Holidays
  • Cooking Fish
  • Cooking with Grains
  • Stocks and Sauces
  • Bread Baking with Altitude
  • Sous Vide Cooking
  • Risotto Made Easy
  • Kids Making Cupcakes

Here is a Taste of the Hands-On Cooking Classes We Offer

Making Homemade Pasta

Pasta Making
Learn how to make 3-4 different types of pasta, and sauces that go well with them and then sit down for a lunch with paired wines

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pickling vegetables class

Pickling 101
Learn how easy it is to make your own pickles. We provide everything you need…and you walk home with jars of your own pickled veggies.

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Sous Vide Cooking Class

Sous Vide Cooking
Once your learn how to cook Sous Vide you will never go back. This is the best contrived foolproof way for anyone to cook.

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Stocks and Sauces
These are the foundation of good cooking. We will teach you the ticks of the trade to making these important building blocks of flavor

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Knife Skills
With a little practice, some knowledge, and a few of our tricks you will be cutting, chopping, dicing, and much more like a pro in no time.

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Baking at Altitude
Learn why the 8000 ft. elevation of Aspen makes baking so challenging. We will teach you techniques and skills to bake at any elevation

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Cooking with Grains
There are thousands of grains world wide that are tasty and healthy. We will lead your through many of them while preparing a tasting lunch to enjoy

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Creative Salads
Salads are quick easy and healthy! We will convince your that salads are great for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner or Starters, Main Courses and Desserts

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