Demonstration Class : Moroccan Cuisine

On Our Marrakesh Express We Explain the Dishes and Ingredients of Morocco

Class Level: Demonstration Class. Anyone can sit back and enjoy the meal
Age Requirements: None
Average Class Size: 12-20

Moroccan Food

Did you know that Morocco and the United States share a very old friendship? Morocco was the first country to recognize our independence and has been a place for exotic travel and inspiration from the memoires of Paul Bowles to Hollywood day dreams created in Casablanca to exotic flavors that are readily available at our farmer’s markets, grocery stores and home pantries.

Tagine, what is that? Orange flower water? Ras al Hanout? The wonderful dishes and ingredients of Morocco are homey, curious and delicious. Let’s explore through the date palms of the Sahara and mysterious souks of Marrakesh and explain the glorious food culture of this bountiful cuisine.


  • Carrot & Currant Salad
  • Swiss Chard B’Steeya with Medjool Date Sauce
  • Charmoula Marinated Scallops with Ras al Hanout, Chickpea Puree and Tomatoes
  • Chicken Tagine with Preserved Lemons and Green Olives
  • Moroccan Mint Tea and Moon Cookies

NOTE: Menu is subject to change

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