Randy Placeres

Chef and Caterer



Web Site:  www.randyplaceres.com

Favorite Foods:




Is there a humorous experience or something of interest that happened during your life that has contributed to the kind of chef you are today?
Growing up in Northern California farming town of Tracy I was surrounded by apricots, cherry trees, walnuts tomatoes everything. I worked summers and that was helpful shaping the appreciation I have for farming and the people who work to bring us food.
On a funny note my first dishwashing job at 15 the owner used to scream at me “hurry boy, hurry!” My name is Randy not boy I used to yell back. I’ll never forget that job.
What is your favorite restaurant to dine in?
Ellina is one of my favorite spots for the octopus dish at the bar, Cache Cache for feel, flavor and ambiance. Too may nice spots in town to choose. I usually eat closest to where I can find parking.
What got you into cooking?
I got into cooking after the funky band I was singing for broke up and broke my heart. I saw a guy cut an onion on TV and the light went off!

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