About the Cooking School of Aspen

Where Do Learning and Dining Meet in the World of Fun?

CSoA-Cooking-with-Susie-JimenezWe are happy to announce the return of the Cooking School of Aspen in its new location at 305 East Hopkins Street.

The new Cooking School of Aspen is a 3000 square feet space with a beautiful demonstration kitchen right in the heart of downtown Aspen. The demonstration kitchen is used for cooking classes for people of all skill levels.

Classes will fall into three categories:

Hands-On Cooking Classes and Demonstration Cooking Classes will revolve around a meal, usually lunch or dinner and either the students will participate in the preparation of the meal or sit back and watch. Either way we will give you an experience that you will never forget. The chef instructors might be one of our culinary team members, one of Aspen’s local chefs, or a celebrity chef from around the world.

In addition the Cooking School of Aspen will host Special Culinary Events of all kinds. Some events will take place on a regular basis like, weekly “Farm to Table” dinners in the summer time, or the occasional over the top “Pop Up” restaurant theme nights with chefs that are flown in from around the world.

The Cooking School of Aspen will also be an event location for any type of party you can think of. Be it a wedding, birthday party, or just a gathering of good friends.

The Cooking School of Aspen is scheduled to be open mid-February (give or take a few weeks with our construction).

Who We Are

Above all we are a group of foodies that are passionate about creating, learning, teaching, and sharing things in the world of food and beverage.

What We Do

We provide instruction, we provide fun, and most of all we provide an unforgettable experience.   Our Chefs and instructors have years of experience as restaurant chefs, caterers, and sommeliers.  It is our goal to pass their passion about food, liquor, beer, and wine on to you.

In addition to providing world class instruction, we also have one of the most unique banquet spaces in all of Aspen.  Our facility can sit parties from 10-120 people.  With our unique culinary team we can cater almost any type of event.

What We Love

We love food. We love wine. We love Aspen. We love providing you with an experience. The Cooking School of Aspen is a passion project for us, and if you get a great experience then so do we.

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