Kids Cooking Classes in Aspen, Colorado

“Chefs in the Making” Will Learn Cooking Skills While Having Fun

Our kids classes will bring out the chef in anyone. These hands-on cooking classes will have your child teaching you culinary tricks the next time you cook a family meal together.

Most of our kids classes are from 11:00–2:30 and include a full lunch.  We will fill the time with skills and games for ages 9 to 18.  Our Kids Camp may be longer times periods.  See Below.

Also look for our kids night classes so you can go eat out on a date night.

Kids Cooking Classes include:

  • Crepes : The Thin Pancake with Big Flavor
  • Making…and Eating Cupcakes
  • Creating the Perfect Sandwich

Kids Cooking Camp 2018 (July)

Kids Camp Square 2018The Cooking School of Aspen will be holding a kids day camp this summer. With three weeks of three day session available. The first week will be July 9th-11th the second week will be July 16th-18th and the third week July 23rd-25th.  If there is interest we might do a Camp July 30th – Aug 1st.
The theme is “A Culinary Trip Around the World”. Kids will learn the basics of cooking and baking, how to read and prepare recipes and hopefully an increased passion for food and cooking!
It is recommended that parents sign kids up for all three days as they will be progressive from one lesson to the next. Themes will include but are not limited to, bread baking, meat butchering, ingredient history, organizing prep, and exploring new foods!

Here is a Taste of the Kids Cooking Classes We Offer:

Italian Feast

Much more than Pizza and Pasta

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Nothing better than an afternoon making and EATING cupcakes

Learn More | Check the Calendar

Baking Bread and More
All hands needed for
kneading the bread

Learn More | Check the Calendar

Making Homemade Pasta

Pasta Making
From Spaghetti to Ravioli
…and more.

The Sandwich
 All the fixings for the perfect sandwich

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Kids Cooking Classes in Aspen Colorado

Creating Crepes
The thin pancake with big flavor